You can walk this journey with me in a few ways.

*Free* Life Discovery Project Facebook Group: You don’t have to do it alone! Join the Life Discovery Project Facebook group and find the support from myself and other Indigo Women. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, hear from others who are on this journey with you, and have support (plus some bonus coaching) from me. Seeking more? You’ll be able to access special offers that are just available to the group when you join!

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One Card Reading: Are you looking for extra clarity and direction? This offering is for you if you have a big question that you are looking to have answered. I’ll intuitively pick a deck to work with for your question, and will draw a card for you (or cards, depending on what you need). You’ll receive an email with the answer to your question. As a special bonus, you’ll be able to ask one follow-up question to the reading. By the end of the reading, you’ll be able to move forward with confidence and fulfillment.

“Abbie’s readings are incredibly accurate and will provide the clarity you need to step forward more confidently in your life’s purpose. Abbie provided me with a reading that helped me see the next steps in my business at a time when I really needed additional support and guidance. Thank you Abbie.”

Cost: $40

Excite your life: Know Who You Are & What You Want. You are ready for an adventure – one that is planned out just for you and your unique journey.

But right now:

+ You’re feeling bored with your life and/or career
+ You know life could be more fulfilling…but right now it’s just lack-luster
+ You feel energetically blocked and aren’t sure how to move forward
+ You have so much to offer to the world…but aren’t able to show up as your true self.

Join me for a three month discovery experience where we will work together to bring more excitement, joy, and authenticity into your life.

In our sessions together:

+ You will begin to step into your authentic self
+ We’ll map out a plan to help you move forward towards living an inspired life.
+You will access your true essence through meditation, ritual work, and energy work
+ You will discover that by finding clarity in your life, everything becomes filled with ease and meaning
+ You’ll dive deep into emotional exploration, uncover hidden blocks, and step forward on a path to healing
+ You’ll become aware of what is possible for you to accomplish – and then have the clarity to take the action steps necessary to get you there!
+ You will be an active participant in re-writing your story and stepping into your role as an Indigo Adult

Abbie has helped me tap into and expand my spirituality and I’ve seen a big transformation with “how I am” in my life.

Here’s how it works: For 3 months, we’ll meet for 2 one-hour sessions per month. During our time together, you’ll also receive:

+ insightful weekly card readings via email
+ inspiring journal prompts
+ customized meditations
+ unique healing rituals

3-month Coaching Program Investment: One Payment of $750 or Three Monthly Payments of $260

Want to learn more about this exciting journey? Click here to book a complimentary 1-hour discovery call with me to learn how I can guide you forward towards an authentic life.