Make a Difference in a Minute (or less)!

Every Monday I post a way that you can make a difference in a minute or less, ranging from free to no more than $20. Some of the tips are going to be things you have heard of, but hopefully more often than not it is something new!

MDM Tip #72: Stand up for something. Don’t just wish you could change something – go out and do it! Talk to people (even if it’s just your family and friends) about something you are passionate about, start a petition. It only takes a minute to start a spark 😉

5 thoughts on “Make a Difference in a Minute (or less)!

  1. That’s a great tip Abbie! Many people talk all day long about changing something but then never follow through on it. Thoughts without action rarely produce results.


    Abbie Reply:

    Thanks Samuel! 🙂


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