Make a Difference in a Minute (or less)!

Every Monday I post a way that you can make a difference in a minute or less, ranging from free to no more than $20. Some of the tips are going to be things you have heard of, but hopefully more often than not it is something new!

MDM Tip #66: Get a solar charger for your electronics – some are under $20!

One thought on “Make a Difference in a Minute (or less)!

  1. Sum: I heard that you were on duty. Luckily, we had Juing, Eileen and Fang Teng on stand by. I am very proud of CA and happy to be part of this helpful and cainrg team. See you at the next MUS! Hopefully, my upline will not have to fight any jetlag and will be able to come with us.


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